bournMr. Steven Bourne

President & CEO, Secretary

Mr. Bourne has over 16years’ experience in business Development, O & G, Constructive Trades and Sales and Marketing before he expanded into the Media sector.

Mr. Bourne’s career started with a leading oil and gas company in Alberta, where he gained a solid foundation and knowledge in business development and management.

He was able to help cultivate many different business projects which help build successful marketing and sales ventures. His past experience includes working with an aerospace company, Hyperion Technologies, where he became a vital part of the day to day business, and a large shareholder. As well, Mr. Bourne has helped to develop a now large Construction company that has become well-known in there region.

Mr. Bourne current works in the North American Division of the M24 Media Group, as the Senior Sales and Marketing Manager. He is in charge of several TV channels, which consist of their development, creativity and finished production to broadcasting.

He holds a diploma from Mount Royal University in Marketing and a certificate for the Southern Institute of technologies.


Mr. Bourne is currently learning French.

Devon-BAILEYMr.  Devon Bailey

Director, VP Business Development

Mr. Devon Bailey is an experienced Businessman with great management, Business and leadership skills. He has been implementing these acquired skills in senior roles for the past 14 years.

In his past experience, after joining Calgary’s largest window manufacturing firm,  Mr. Bailey worked his way up to become the managing supervisor of the manufacturer, he managed the day-to-day operations and managed a team of over forty personnel. His role was vital in creating a solid foundation for the employer.

Afterwards Mr. Bailey decided to found his own Business, focusing principally on building and constructing new homes. He has been concentrating on building homes of all types and aspects, to completion, and on time.

Early 2013, Mr. Bailey joined M24 Media Group, as Head of Business Development in the North American Office. He has been In charge of overseeing the process of getting the channel’s ready for broadcasting and identifying and securing partnerships from the North American region. Furthermore, Mr. Bailey was instrumental in the success of the channel.

Mr. Bailey is fluent in English, and learning French.